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A guide for Expo 2015

Le Soste announces the publication of a special guide on the occasion of Expo 2015. An editorial project created around restaurants and excellent national products. The [...more con il testo completo della notizia "A guide for Expo 2015">>]

Giancarlo Perbellini moves to Verona

Perbellini closes the historical restaurant on Isola Rizza and moves to the centre of Verona. Last week we learned that Verona chef Giancarlo Perbellini, Michelin starred continuously since [...more con il testo completo della notizia "Giancarlo Perbellini moves to Verona">>]

Cook The Mountain: saved by the mountain

In an exclusive interview with LeSoste.it, Norbert Niederkofler conveys the essence of the ambitious project, Cook The Mountain: using the values of mountain areas to propose [...more con il testo completo della notizia "Cook The Mountain: saved by the mountain">>]

The Italian Restaurateurs National football team wins the European tournament

For some years now, a group of esteemed Italian restaurateurs have fun and do good, playing football. Every summer, regularly, they meet up with their [...more con il testo completo della notizia "The Italian Restaurateurs National football team wins the European tournament">>]

Marchesi returns to Bonvesin De La Riva

Gualtiero Marchesi returns to Milan to the street where he had his first legendary restaurant with an initiative to train a new generation of chefs.  [...more con il testo completo della notizia "Marchesi returns to Bonvesin De La Riva">>]

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Talvo by Dalsass

Talvo by Dalsass

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Le Soste present their new guide

In this age in which television has turned the public image of chefs from craftsmen and taste entrepreneurs to stars. In times when the gastronomic star system conditions the collective imaginary of our children who are more and more attracted by the model represented by the great television stars of cuisine to such a point that, according to the latest data, 22% of Italian children want to be a chef. In times where the media have built up businesses by aiming at valorizing the valuable communication skills of a few chefs but have failed to inform about the professionalism of women and men who work with passion every day in their kitchens. In times of “Only one man before the cooker,” what can be the message that is spread by an Association like Le Soste which places the Association’s interests before those of individuals and collects important and famous chefs as well as valuable emerging young chefs? This question was clearly answered yesterday on the 10th February 2014 during the annual meeting of the Le Soste Association when the new members were also presented. The answer was clearly written on the stage of the MICO congress room in Milan where the meeting took place during the prestigious meeting of the tenth edition of Identità Golose. It was [...more con il testo completo della notizia "Le Soste present their new guide">>]

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